Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sunday bloody sunday

I'm feeling sad, the weekend is over. Dulcie just left on the national express after a mad rush across London to catch the coach, and now I'm on my own trying to put remember everything and write it in some form of interesting blog post. I'll try..

On Thursday night we went to Shunt, a mysterious art/club night in the catacombs of the railway arches at London bridge. To say it was an experience would be an understatement... after entering through a side door in the wall of the station we came across art pieces and film installations hidden around all the dark corners of the sparsely lit railway arches, and this continued until the whole place opened up into some sort of carnival/art space/club, with short films, cinema seats, performance artists, chanting, gypsy bands and a pool table. Possibly the most surreal mix of entertainment you could imagine. It was a fun evening, notable moments being watching a film of a boy preparing his afro in the morning and sitting in the glow of an array of vintage lamps in a makeshift lounge area, all the while being in the knowledge that you're sat under massive railway arches around the corner from the London Dungeons. Unfortunately I didn't take my camera so you'll just have to use your imagination.

The rest of the weekend has been pretty normal in comparison - shopping in Covent Garden, (Vans Classics, Muji..), turning Dulcie onto the genius of Alan Partridge and ordering my first pizza take away since living here (I'd do it more often if it wasn't so expensive), gorging on custard creams and coffee (with squirty cream!) and finishing up with Sex and the City (of course). I wish I was on the National Express back to the land of cotton and guns too, instead I am here trying to decide which picture will best befit this post. Let's hope I picked well. And I've got to rewrite my damn project proposal, which is starting to become a chore, I wish I could just get started. Who wants to hear about my take on the isolation of modern youth culture and its obession with online social status anyway?


WWW. said...

I hope there is no relation here to 1905 Bloody Sunday, because that just wasn't nice. I like your blog, I have one too, but I am rubbish at updating it!? :-$

jianwei said...

It possibly may be so, via U2 and Alan Partridge (who else?). You should get blogging regularly, we're trying to set up a community!!