Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Legalize AA

Just been doing some research for my project, came across an article on the observer website that was heralding the American Apparel revolution and celebrating its 'cheap (?!!) chic'. Here's a couple of extracts that caught my eye..

American Apparel has also become synonymous with the New York 'hipster' movement. Hipsters are the latest development in youth culture. They are young, good-looking graduates who work in a non-specific creative field, and dedicate themselves to the business of being as directional and cutting edge as they can be.


Its aesthetic is flourishing in the UK, too. In 2007, it became the basis for the signature look of the extremely fashionable brigade: St Martins art students and Hoxton-dwelling creatives.

I guess it's funny because it's true..


Dulcette said...

'the extremely fashionable brigade: St Martins art students and Hoxton-dwelling creatives'

- I'm offended by the suggestion that fashion only exists within the confines of this minute hemisphere. In fact, perhaps the journalist is confusing 'fashionable brigade' with my preferred term: massive knobs. The Hoxton dwelling 'creatives' who live their lives to replicate and imitate are conforming to the template that their catagory dictates, spewing forth endless reproductions of the banal outfit formulas that ultimately defines them. The very term 'hipster' is becoming dated, the clothing choices predictable and overall outcome, twattish. I think we should all look beyond the aesthetic of the 'Hoxton Hero' for a definition of style and innovation.

You, however, Jianjian, dress exquisitely. :)

jianwei said...

Lol, i personally took the term 'fashion brigade' as ironic for those very reasons, that's why it made me laugh, because the cliche of those two types of people does very much exist. But yes, the journalist was being serious and therefore what you have said is true and i agree. And i guess i dress ok.. :P