Wednesday, 23 September 2009

London calling..

So, the birds are flying south and my dear companion has flown north and I'm left in King's Lynn alone with not much else to do but check my flickr stats every five minutes and twit every last banal detail of my daily routine. I think I'm slowly coming to terms with the end of the summer, and for the first time in three months I want to go back to London. Our house is as close to being ready as it will ever be, and a fresh start awaits.

This week hasn't been completely uneventful - I've been taking tentative steps to creating a lo-fi/surf/shoegaze band with a friend and I've also gained ownership of yet another camera (I think the collection is hovering somewhere near 10..) Combine that with the aural pleasures of The Big Pink and Health's albums and a growing appreciation for daytime property shows and Strictly - It Takes Two, and I guess it's not so bad. Really... Ok, I think it's time to go.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

So long

I felt an update was in need, I've been focusing on my flickr a lot recently and my blogs have been rather neglected. I went pro a few days ago and now have a rather swish stats page which charts my daily photo views and thus consumes my life by being ever so addictive. Today I got a film developed from my olympus trip and after rather mediocre results last time I was surprised to find many of the prints were actually well focused and rich in colour. It's certainly nice to know that it will be able to serve me well whilst I track down a new AE-1. Some of the photos are up on my flickr, and I shall upload the rest soon I should think.

Earlier today I also popped into hmv and by some stroke of luck beyond belief they just happened to be selling Albert Camus' The Outsider, The Plague and The Fall for a pound a piece. Needless to say I bought a copy of all three, I've been desperate to read them for ages and I'll most probably be some sort of existential mess once I've finished.

Also, in case you hadn't notice, it seems that the longest summer ever is drawing to a close. Nevertheless there are still adventures to be had, and tomorrow I am off to stay in a yurt and then on Sunday I'm heading to the Lake District for a few days for a spot of hill walking and maybe a peek at the Wordsworth museum. Then it's back to London (hopefully with a fully furnished house waiting) and all of this will be a distant memory...