Friday, 13 March 2009

Annoying rant

I hate to be one of those people that moans about something as petty as facebook changing it's homepage, but they really have taken a step back with this latest modification. The last time they updated the site it came with a nice fresh look that made everything easier to use. This time it's just a bit, crap.. no longer the refined social networking tool it was, with oversized text and lots of curved edges that make it look kind of, drab? It's clear from the homepage that they're trying to compete with twitter, and fair enough they want to remain at the top, but will it really work? Myspace lost its appeal when it started adding loads of new features in an attempt to keep up with facebook, and now its a frozen wasteland of out of date profiles. Lately facebook has really started to lose its fun, what with my inbox constantly full of event invitations and 'save the Astoria' petitions, and these changes could just be the end... Just stick to what you do best, people like facebook for what it is - friends, photos. If they want a live stream of what everyone is up to they'll use twitter. To be honest, it could just be an aesthetic thing and I've probably just over reacted, but in my mind blogger and twitter are much more fun right now, so maybe it's time we all upped sticks and moved over to the next phase of social networking?

1 comment:

Sophie said...

Love how my status update features on the screen shot :)
I also dislike new facebook, live feed = bad