Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Is that all there is to it?

I actually wrote a song today. It has about 12 lines and four chords, but it is indeed a fully (well, almost) formed song. I think the last time I wrote a song must have been early last summer some time, I remember writing a couple, or at least starting them.. Needless to say they were pretty terrible and like every other song I've ever written discarded after a week and looked back upon with varying levels of embarrassment/disappointment at not being able to write something I could actually like. At the moment I like the song I've written. Considering the time that has passed since I wrote it, this isn't unusual. However, I actually hold hope that this one will not just become another failed attempt to express myself musically, and actually.. last. I think the main difference with this one is that I've actually writen about something real. I've done this before, once, and that was probably the only half decent song I ever wrote. It was still shocking though. Hopefully this new one won't be.

Now, I just need a way to record it... I used to have a myspace page where for some reason I posted songs even if I wasn't happy with them. I may revive this. Although without the crap songs.

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