Saturday, 18 April 2009

Where did the time go?

I'm savouring my last day at home, it's slightly lonelier than the last few weeks have been but the sun is still shining at least. I actually have no idea where the last five (?!) weeks have gone. As much as I don't really want to go back quite yet (home comforts currently feel more desirable than the student lifestyle of box room, no food and inhumane sleeping patterns) I guess I do have quite a lot to look forward to - Bob Dylan, Wavves, Ryan McGinley exhibition, end of year show (though I need to produce some work first..) and house hunting. Plus I'm determined to finish 'On the Road'.

Did I mention Bob Dylan? Yes, I am actually going to see the man in concert. He may be considered old and past it and unable to actually perform anymore, and he'll probably play loads of obscure songs that I've never heard, but to be honest I couldn't care less, it will still be amazing and in my mind it will be 1965 all over again. Perhaps someone will even shout 'Judas'. Or perhaps not. I'm just going to pray that he plays Ballad of a Thin Man, and if not, I will still have seen Bob Dylan. Live. It still feels a bit 'unreal'..

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