Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Strike on the victoria line

Today I had planned to visit the Tate, but the closure of the Victoria Line (yet again) and a snap decision at Sloane Square tube station led me to a rather unexpected day of Middle Eastern art and a walk along the Thames.

This was done enitrely in biro.

These were rather intriguing - prosthetic people freewheeling in electric wheel chairs..

After the Saatchi I decided to see if the Tate was in walking distance, it was a beautiful day and thought hell, why not. The bus route took ten minutes, so I went for it. Turns out it was about a forty minute walk, but in the glaring sunshine along the river with Death Cab to accompany me it was actually quite lovely, and felt positively summery.

I even stumbled upon Battersea Power Station along the way.

Altermodern, my original destination, felt slightly smaller than I remembered (?) but I actually enjoyed it more this time, as I was able to devote my time to the pieces I liked and were relevant to my work, rather than trying to take everything in and have some form of art/information overload.

Parliament Square on the bus home.

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