Sunday, 28 February 2010


I was just reading Drowned in Sound in the hope of finding something new to listen to and came across this article about ambient/drone music (here me out..) This led me to discover Yellow Swans, a band hailing from the creative hotbed that is Portland, Oregon and that started playing together in 2001 but have been defunct since 2008. Despite this it appears the duo worked together to see out the final touches on their last album Going Places, which is available now, and can be heard here. It's really blissful and ethereal and although not the kind of music you'd want to hear if you want something catchy to dance or hum along to it is really nice to listen to in the late hours of the night when the internet is sucking you of all your life. I think what's good about it is that hidden away beneath the layers of ambient distortion it has a sense of melody, which is so important for me. It also kind of reminds me of the instrumental tracks and codas from No Age's Nouns - I guess they were influenced somewhat.

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