Monday, 4 May 2009

Back and forth forever

(I got new glasses)

So, the long weekend is coming to an end and what a lovely one it has been. I spent my bank holiday weekend with my beautiful girl Dulcie, for the most part preparing for her brand new business venture The Sweetest Vintage Clothing Company! Debuting tommorow at University of Manchester's Student Union Market, she will be selling hand picked vintage and second hand clothing and accessories. Look out for lots of colourful scarves and rather exquisite handbags.

We've been getting inspiration from vintage fayres and market stalls, augmenting stock in Angel (and devouring two giant pizzas) and making tags for all the items on sale. We even managed to catch Patrick Wolf giving a select few shoppers at Selfridges an intimate evening performance, bondage wear and all. It's safe to say a fair few people were rather bemused by what they saw amongst the mulberry bags and over priced tea, however it didn't stop one toddler getting his groove on. Today we made the most of our last day together at the Tate, where I came across a most inspirational book by Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July, the writer/director/actor of You And Me And Everyone We Know, an amazing film I saw a few weeks ago about an artist and a recently seperated shoe salesman who strike up an unusual relationship. The book is called 'Learning To Love You More' and is a document of a website set up by the two artists in 2002, which gave out assignments for people to do and then post back on the website. The assignments are really imaginative and the results can be really touching, and I am set on carrying out as many I can myself.

For now though it's back to the drawing board, I have serious issues with my work which I'm going to confront and beat into a pulp and hopefully come up with something as interesting as that website.

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Dulcette said...

Thank you for all your help, you are indispensable! I love you.